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Medicaid 101

Medicaid is a Federal medical assistance program administered by the state, to help pay for healthcare related costs for individuals living at home, in assisted living/senior communities, and in nursing homes.

There are two factors  that need to be determined to qualify for Medicaid eligibility. The clinical part and the financial piece. The clinical aspect is determined by the Department of Health. A nurse will come out to make an assessment.  There are forms which might need to be filled out by a physician as well.

The financial eligibility is determined by the local Board of Social Services. In order to be eligible you need to be under a certain resource level. That level varies on whether there is a spouse amongst other considerations. To learn more about the Medicaid resource guidelines, click here .

There are various regulations on what is considered an asset and what needs to be liquidated to be eligible. For more information on how to apply for Medicaid or for any questions  please call an ElderGuide representative at (908) 212-1691 or email us at info@elderguide.net

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get approved for Medicaid?

The process can take many months to a year. We understand that your case may be extremely time sensitive, so ElderGuide streamlines the process and reduce the time significantly.

Is there a limit of resources or income in order to be eligible?

Yes, but it varies based on circumstances such as your personal income or that of your spouse. ElderGuide will explain all of your options and help ensure your eligibility.  

Will I be able to keep my income?

Medicaid will allow you to keep a minimum amount of income. Spousal income could impact that amount.

Once I’m approved for Medicaid, will I be able to keep my other insurances ( AARP, Medicare, etc.)?

Yes, Medicaid is an additional insurance besides your other insurances.

Will I be able to keep my monthly income?

Medicaid regulations require that your monthly income be given to the facility. There is a monthly allowance that Medicaid allows you to keep.

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