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Are your Medicaid applications sitting at board of social services? Does guiding and assisting families with their Medicaid applications use up much of you resources? Are you experiencing gaps in coverage when Medicaid applications are stalled?
Why not hand off the headache to ElderGuide?

Constant Communication

With our sophisticated software, we are able to send you reports detailing everything you need to know about the status of the application. You will constantly be in the know and up to date with any important information.

Comprehensive & Organized Applications

We gather all the necessary information and paperwork needed for each application quickly and efficiently. This enables each application to be submitted in a timely manner, with all the backups.

No Gaps in Coverage & Reduced Penalties

We do a rigorous review of all financials which ensures that applications will get approved the first time around. It also allows us to alert you of any potential penalties so there are no surprises. Of course, we will always go to fair hearings as needed.

We’re here to help

Trust ElderGuide to Take Care of your Medicaid Approvals

Your Medicaid approvals are just a click away. Fill out the form for a no obligation consultation, or call to discuss our varied pricing structure.