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Medicaid Approvals

Our Mission

Getting approved for Senior Medicaid is a complicated and frustrating processes, not to mention that time is also of essence. It takes a true expert in the intricacies of the system to get it done right. At ElderGuide, your peace of mind is our top priority. From documentation to application, communication to approval, we take care of all the details to get your Senior Medicaid approval in a timely and efficient manner. So relax, because ElderGuide has your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Long Term Care Medicaid?

Long term Medicaid, also known as Nursing Home Medicaid, or Institutionalized Medicaid, is a government insurance program that covers long term care in a nursing home, or assisted living. Medicaid will also cover home care under the Medicaid waivers program. Medicaid is the ONLY government insurance that will cover long term care. Medicare will NOT pay for long term care.

What Does Medicaid Pay For?

In short, everything! If approved for long term care Medicaid, you will be covered for doctor visits, prescription drugs, and even long term stays in a nursing home or assisted living.

Who Is Eligible?

All U.S citizens or legal aliens, who are over 65, or blind, or disabled can be eligible for Medicaid, so long as they meet the clinical and financial requirements. Clinical eligibility means that nursing home level of care is required. Financial eligibility means that one may not have more than $2000 in total assets, and one may not have a monthly income more than $2382. If ones income and assets are over the limits, eligibility can still be obtained if the proper actions are taken.

How to Apply?

An application can be submitted online, or it can be mailed to the board of social services in your county. One can have someone assist them with the application process, as long as they present a signed Designation of authorized representation form (DAR) to the board of social services. Most nursing homes will not complete a Medicaid application for their residents.

How Can ElderGuide Help?

The Medicaid application process is a long and detailed endeavor, that calls for mountains of paperwork, hours upon hours of time, and most importantly it requires the knowledge to make sure that each and every step is done exactly according to the Medicaid rules and specifications. Even one misstep can cost the applicant tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid expenses. ElderGuide is thorough in all the ins and out of the application process, because applications are what we do all day, every day!. ElderGuide has helped hundreds of happy clients achieve a stress free Medicaid approval quickly and efficiently. Schedule a free consultation today, and find out how ElderGuide can help you!

What They Say

"I really appreciate the efficiency and effectiveness of how everything flowed with my moms Medicaid application. Thank you for the work you did to a happy conclusion of the approval. Also, thank you for your professionalism and reassurance for the times I felt frazzled. You are the nicest and most pleasant person to work with."

Ann Marie Burg

“Thank you for making this process so much easier for us. My husband and I found the Medicaid application process to be very confusing, but one meeting with ElderGuide, and we were sold. Knowing you’ll be taking on the burden for us has given us our lives back.”

Diamond Brown Princeton, NJ

"Thank you for all you did for our mom's Medicaid and for setting us up with the realtor, Chrissy at Remax. Most of all thank you for giving us Baila. I can not say enough about her. She was always there for us and with kind words in the most difficult times. She is "wonderful" and an asset to your team."

A. Menditto Ridgewood, NJ

"I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the dedication by Sari. This is not an easy family but she's very positive and attentive to their needs."

Mario Blessing Medical Billing Specialist, Family of Caring

We're here to help

Trust ElderGuide to Take Care of your Senior Medicaid Approval.

Our passionate team will guide you through the process and get you approved in no time. Fill out the form for a no obligation consultation.